Multiracial female friends enjoy trekking day in the forest
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11 Hiking Clubs For Women to Make New Outdoorsy Friends

Hiking alone is great, but even more fun is having friends to explore the outdoors with. Sometimes, you need a little help finding new adventure partners though. That's where hiking clubs come in. Joining a hiking groups near you can help you get outside more often and find new community with similar interests.

Whether you're a hardcore backpacker in the Northeast or a casual stroller in the Midwest, you can connect with other women who enjoy the same outdoor activities via regional meet-ups, Facebook groups, and national organizations with local chapters and events. Here are 11 hiking groups across the United States dedicated to connecting women with other rad women.

1. Women Who Hike


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Started in 2015, Women Who Hike is a large community comprising women who crave adventure in the great outdoors. There's one large national chapter and then a bunch of location-specific WWH groups for each state, so you can find adventure partners close to you. The organization facilitates hiking events and relevant conversation via Facebook groups organized by state or region with a few throughout Canada and Europe, too. Women Who Hike group events are great for solo hikers or friend groups, and the online community is welcoming to all.

2. Ageless Women Excursions

Meetup is a great resource for getting plugged in with people who have the same interests locally, including hiking at any life stage. Ageless Women Excursions is a group of women of a wide variety of ages and backgrounds who gather for day hikes, backpacking trips, and camping expeditions. The events are mostly around Georgia, but the group has traveled to other locales such as Florida and Wyoming for adventures, too. Options are available for every skill level from the beginner hiker to advanced adventurer. Ageless Women Excursions also has a Facebook group where members can chat, share photos, and learn more.

3. Hike Clerb


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Founded in Los Angeles in 2017, Hike Clerb was born out of a lack of representation of people of color in outdoor activities such as hiking. Everyone is welcome, but the nonprofit is aimed at equipping Black, Indigenous, and other women of color with the resources they need to heal through experiences in nature. Women can join by simply RSVPing online and attending one of Hike Clerb's many group hikes, which are primarily hosted in California or New York.

4. Hiking For Her's Over Forty Hiking Community

Hiking For Her is an incredibly valuable resource for any woman who hits the trail—or dreams of doing so. The outlet offers tips on how to get started, hiking essentials checklists, reviews of popular hiking gear, and details of specific hiking destinations. But possibly the best part is Hiking For Her's Over Forty Hiking Community, which provides a platform for women to share insight, recommendations, photos, and encouragement with an inspiring network. Members are scattered throughout the country, so while many meet up for group hikes, the community is more focused on building a virtual space for connection. And despite the group's name, women of any age can join.

5. Girls Who Hike Tennessee

Women hikers in the Volunteer State can take advantage of group hikes, educational workshops, and a close-knit community of adventure-seekers by joining Girls Who Hike Tennessee. Volunteer ambassadors help members feel empowered to achieve their goals and support Tennessee State Parks through regularly scheduled events. The non-profit organization also has a Facebook group where members can interact, share trail updates, and provide encouragement.

6. Adventures for Women

Founded by Betsy Thomason, Adventures for Women is a non-profit women-only outdoor club. Members can take part in day hikes, weekend trips, and workshops, which are primarily held in the Northeast and led by volunteer guides. Events are available for a range of skill levels, and membership is open to any woman 18 or over. Adventures for Women is committed to " providing ample opportunities for women to empower, improve and define themselves."

7. Trail Dames

Trail Dames

Trail Dames

A self-proclaimed "hiking club for women of a curvy nature," Trail Dames offers chapters throughout the East and Midwest. Members receive merchandise, discounts, and admittance to all Trail Dames hikes. All women are welcome, but the club is especially targeted to women who are new to hiking, aren't conventionally fit, or enjoy leisurely strolls up the mountain rather than intense timed hikes. Trail Dames says, "We hike slowly, looking closely at the beauty that is all around us. We rest when we need to, but then we keep going. We know that there is no feeling in the entire world like the feeling of accomplishing your goal."

8. Appalachian Mountain Club Women's Adventure Program

The Appalachian Mountain Club has chapters all across the country, and many of its programs are led by and for women who love the great outdoors. Women's events range from exhilarating hikes for any skill level to fly fishing outings, so members can enjoy a variety of activities while connecting with new friends who share their passion for all things outside.

9. Hike+Heal

Committed to making the great outdoors more accessible to all, Hike+Heal is a diverse group of women who head outside together to boost physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. The inclusive club fosters community through not just group hikes but also healing retreats and smaller clubs and fun challenges. Women can join Hike+Heal's "hive" to take part in activities or connect with the organization on social media to get plugged into the widespread community.

10. Bay Area Women's Hiking Group

Another great option on Meetup is the Bay Area Women's Hiking Group. Although focused on a smaller geographic area in California, it boasts one of the largest memberships of any women's hiking group on the platform. Individual events keep group sizes small (usually between 8-15 hikers) so everyone can easily stay together and get to know each other. The group offers hikes for every level, but most are between 5 and 12 miles long of moderate or strenuous difficulty. The Bay Area Women's Hiking Group also offers resources on what to bring hiking, how to be self-sufficient on trails, and how to adhere to the buddy system.

11. Black Girls Hike RVA

With a goal of "seeing more brown faces in green spaces," Black Girls Hike RVA helps facilitate group outings that get women of color outside enjoying the physical and mental perks of hiking. Ultimately, this is intended to create stronger families that can pass down an appreciation for the outdoors to younger generations. The club is based out of Richmond, Virginia and hosts multiple hikes each month on local and regional trails. Women can join Black Girls Hike RVA for a nominal fee to help determine future destinations and gain access to regular giveaways.