How to Find (or Start Your Own) Female Outdoor Groups

If your girlfriends prefer a life of leisure but outdoor adventure is more your speed, here are a few ways to connect with like-minded ladies.

Mani/pedis and mimosas can get old real quick if you prefer fun outdoor activities to kicking your feet up with the girls. Whether it's backpacking, kayaking, backcountry hunting, or mountain biking, there's an outdoor community of women out there for your favorite pursuit.

Here are a few places to find new friends and female camaraderie in the great outdoors.

Social Media

For all the bad that social media can bring to oudoorswomen in the form of harassment, online communities can also bring together ladies who share a love for outdoor recreation.

Facebook groups are a great place to start. Find fellow female hikers to share a state park day hike with or campers and climbers who love traversing national parks for weeks at a time. In addition to planning meetups for hunting or hiking groups, these groups also provide a great place to discuss female-specific gear reviews, share outdoor skills, solicit road trip recommendations, and provide safety tips.

The beauty of social media is you can connect with women across the globe, whether you're in center-city New York or rural Colorado.

DNRs & State Wildlife Agencies

With many state agencies putting R3 efforts at he forefront, dedicated mentorship and connection opportunities for women are multiplying. If you're an expert angler looking for a fishing companion or a newbie hunter interested in the learning the ropes from a seasoned pro, explore the opportunities available through your DNR or state wildlife agency.


Organizations in the outdoor space are a great place to connect with women who enjoy the same hobbies and active lifestyle. Many such as Shoot Like A Girl or The Sisterhood of the Outdoors are exclusively ladies' organizations, but other non-profits such as the National Wild Turkey Foundation and the National Shooting Sports Foundation have programs tailored to female members.

If an ultra-niche group doesn't already exist for your outdoor passion, start your own! Set up a Facebook group in minutes, contact your state agencies for support, or partner with your favorite non-profit to reach more women!

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