trophy buck
YouTube: Team Radical

Flashback to When This Girl Shot the Monster Deer Her Boyfriend Missed

Second chances at giant whitetails are hard to come by.

Jennifer Weaver, now Jennifer Heuerman, has 196 reasons to be the happiest girl on the planet—196 inches of whitetail antlers.

Illinois can produce some of the best whitetail deer hunting in the country. Rich agriculture and prime environments help deer grow to sizes few states can compete with. This girl just so happened to connect on this one and has footage of the hunt to enjoy anytime she wants.

The biggest kicker of the story is that her boyfriend at the time, now her husband, had a chance at the buck earlier in the year that he had named "Kick It In." In Part 1 of the story, you see him have an encounter with this buck and misplace a shot that eventually left him empty-handed.

Instead of giving up, he went to work and put in a plan to get another chance. Watch the video below to see a hunt for the ages.

Not very often do you get to witness two mature bucks almost fight to the death from a tree stand. As this hunt unfolds, Kick It In and another mature 8-pointer duke it out right in front of the camera. Then, the impossible happens.

The 196-inch Kick It In makes his way directly toward the tree they were in. At 20 yards, Jennifer stays calm, cool and collected, and makes an incredible shot on an incredible deer. The rest is history.

The two-part series shows what good scouting, preparation and hard work can lead to in the woods. Team Radical continues to pump out quality hunting content, and a lot can be learned from their group.

There aren't many things more gratifying than harvesting a buck you have history with. What a story!