Womack Buck
YouTube: Exodus Trail Cameras

The Incredible Tale of the World Class 8x8 Womack Buck as Told By the Hunter

The Womack buck is one of the most impressive deer ever.

Oklahoma flies under the radar a bit as one of the best whitetail hunting states in North America. In 2019, hunters were reminded of the state's potential when then 18-year-old Guner Womack harvested one of the most impressive typical whitetails of all time.

Womack's buck was notable because it had an extremely rare 8x8 typical frame. The picket row fence of tall tines is enough to make any hunter's jaw drop to the floor in disbelief. For a while, there were rumors it might challenge the long-standing typical world record.

The buck did not quite score that high, but it did score high enough to become the new Oklahoma state record. Exodus Trail Cameras recently featured Womack on their "Whitetail Cribs" web series. In it, Womack tells the story of his awesome buck. We also learn that there are some seriously good genetics in Pawnee County, Oklahoma.

Originally, Womack's buck grossed 201 5/8 inches, which puts it in rare company. Very few whitetails ever gross over that magical 200-inch mark. Deductions knocked the final net score down to 188 5/8 inches. Still, that was enough to edge out the state record by one-eighth of an inch. As you saw from this video, the Womack family clearly knows what they are doing. A lot of those other bucks featured here were no slouches either.

When it comes to world class whitetail deer, the Womack buck catches the eye more than many others. It is so rare to see a buck with this many points that is also extremely symmetrical. Womack was fortunate to harvest the buck before the peak of the rut hit and the buck could break off many of those points.

While this buck may not have broken into the top five typical whitetails ever taken, few hunters would complain about a chance at a buck like this. It may very well be one of the beautiful typical whitetails to have ever lived. We do think Womack is a bit spoiled for life now though. How on Earth do you follow a buck like that up?

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