Wolverine Takes Down Coyote on Alaskan Driveway

Alaskan couple have front row seats to rare spectacle of a wolverine waging war with a coyote.

Imagine being woken up by the chilling sounds of a war being waged on your snow-covered driveway? Now try to wrap your head around the thought of opening the front door to the sight of a wolverine and coyote engaged in a blood-spilling battle. That's exactly the scenario that took place for one Alaskan couple.

Carl Norman and his wife, Tabetha, live in Anchorage, Alaska. This region is home to a wide variety of wildlife, but even so, spotting an elusive wolverine is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Truth be told, they are probably one of the most rare and hard-to-find mammals we have in North America.

So, you can imagine the surprise when Carl awoke to screams from Tabetha for him to come downstairs. Here is what he wrote on a Facebook post:

"Woken up at 4:15am this morning by Tabetha screaming from downstairs for me to come down...OMG...OMG...OMG!!!Trying frantically to get my PJ pants on (lets not discuss), I finally made my way down to the front door area.

HOLY BUCKETS! We had front row viewing to quite a spectacle.

What first appeared to be a simple fight between two locals, turned out to be a hunt. We witnessed a pretty fearsome brawl, with the clear winner taking the loser home for breakfast.

Wolverine 1, Coyote 0

Was taken with an iPhone...bad quality since we were rushed and engrossed in watching the event, but thanks to the motion ability in the photo, we were able to see a bit of the coyote being drug away. Just another day in Anchorage, Alaska!"

Here is the short video which shows the wolverine dragging away its prize:

The following two images were taken after the event, showing where the war was waged:



Carl also filmed a short video come daylight, walking us through the aftermath of the battle:

What an incredible experience to witness! The chance of seeing something like that in the wild is slim to nil.

A wolverine is definitely one animal to add to the bucket list. As for the coyote, RIP kind soul.