Wolf Pup Howl
YouTube: The Voyageurs Wolf Project

Young Wolf Pup's First Howls are Louder Than Expected

Who knew a baby wolf could be so loud?

With spring comes plenty of signs of new life in the forest, and that includes young gray and timber wolf pups that are emerging from their den for the first time ever. In Northern Minnesota, the Voyageurs Wolf Project has been doing some fascinating work to study the wolf packs that inhabit Voyageurs National Park. One of their more recent trail camera captures is of a young wolf cub about four weeks old.

Amazingly, some of the wolf pup's first howls were perfectly captured by the research project. The researchers could not resist uploading the footage of the tiny wolf acting like one of the big boys.

To our surprise, this young pup us much louder than we expected. We know many people have mixed opinions on canis lupus and their place in the ecology of our nation's wild places, but regardless of your feelings on wolves, this is one of the cutest bits of trail camera footage we have seen in a long time. Make sure your volume is on for this one.

Who knew that the sound of a little wolf pup howling could be so loud? It is little wonder this footage has gone wildly viral, trending all over the Internet. The Voyageurs Wolf Project is being done by researchers from the University of Minnesota and their insights into the lives of a wild wolf have been nothing short of fascinating so far.

Just recently, they attached a collar to an adult with no pack. The collar transmitted back pics and video that gave a rare inside peek at the lives of a gray wolf. They are looking to add even more trail cameras to their project in the future, so they can gain even more insights into North America's most famous predator.

We will be keeping a close eye on the project in the future to see what other fascinating insights they produce. Also, because just about anyone can appreciate a video of wolf puppies howling!

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