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YouTube: The Deer Society

Bowhunter Lands Perfect Heart Shot on Big Bruiser Buck

It is not every day you get to see a heart shot like this! 

When it comes to bowhunting, the heart shot is just too precise for most hunters. Because of this, archery broadside shots are most often the ticket.

However, every now and then, we get to watch an experienced hunter slip one into the chest cavity and go straight to for the heart.

Watch the video below to see the great shot this deer hunting expert makes on this big buck.

Thats how it's done, folks. I am certain that deer didn't make it too far after being hit with that broadhead. You just can't do that with a broadside deer shot.

As the arrow hits and the deer turns, you can see the blood come shooting out. That is what every bow hunter wants to see after an arrow makes contact: serious blood loss. It hit a major vital area, and the small target area was right in the kill zone. That much blood makes for short and easy tracking job.

While this hunter made that shot look easy, plenty could have gone wrong. Shot placement takes a lot of practice and experience. Me? I will probably stick to easier broadside shots on whitetail deer or other big game for a few more years.

A quick, humane kill is what I'm after, and even with my best shot I'd be nervous about leaving a wounded animal to suffer, running scared each time I approach while following a weak blood trail.

It takes a lot for a deer hunter to make a good shot like in this video.

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