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Wisconsin Elk Herd Becomes the Latest Confirmation of CWD

Wisconsin continues to face an uphill battle against chronic wasting disease.

Just recently, we wrote of the CWD troubles facing a four-county area in Wisconsin's deer herd. The news was unsettling to many. Hunters from nearly every state in the lower 48 were part of a group that harvested deer with a high probability of infection. There's no telling how many of them transported the infected carcasses, or parts of them, to their home states. Now a Wisconsin elk herd at the Dennis B. Denman farm in Sauk County is also feeling the impact.

The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection recently issued a statement about the quarantine of the elk breeding farm.

CWD was discovered in the farm's herd when a cow died while giving birth at National Veterinary Services Laboratory. We still don't know when exactly the 5-year-old cow died.

According to the news release, the DATCP is still looking into how the herd came into contact with the disease.

The quarantine means no animals are allowed to enter or leave the Denman farm.

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