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Wisconsin DNR Investigating Wolf Attack on Horse, But That's Only Half the Story

Another wolf attack happened in Wisconsin...this time it's a horse. 

Just a few days ago, cautionary tale made its rounds on Facebook. Subsequently, a whirlwind of hate has come from the pro-wolf groups of Wisconsin. As the post indicated (which has since been taken down), a pack of wolves was seen attacking a horse on a rancher's farm just north of Cable, Wisconsin. As you might imagine, any time there is a wolf attack, things can get heated.

A friend of the rancher posted a message for other horse owners to be on the lookout. He said the cold weather could make other wolves see horses as an easy meal. Fair enough, right? Wrong. Pro-wolf groups began calling this whole story a lie and personally threatening the Facebook user who posted pictures of the horse. The Wisconsin DNR is now investigating the matter.

Local news has even picked up on the case. Just see below.

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Wolves have been known to attack horses in the past. Just a simple Google search reveals countless stories of similar incidents all over the country and even overseas, so we know this does happen. The debate, though, stems from whether or not the state should remove these apex predators from the endangered species list.

Many want this status changed to allow the state to manage the population to help prevent occurrences like this from happening. Until that day, ranchers are on their own against wolves who prey on their livelihood with no means to stop them.

We have a feeling this is only the beginning of this story, so stay tuned!