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Adrianna Adventures

7 Tips for Winter Hiking With Kids, From Kids Who Explore CEO

Avid adventurer Adrianna Skori melds her love of the outdoors with her journey into motherhood in her blog and affiliated social media site, Adrianna Adventures. The site highlights her treks into nature with her baby and toddler as they hike, travel, and explore the Canadian Rockies. She writes on her website that "the adventure begins when you pack your babies along." She doesn't stop there, though. She is also the CEO of Kids Who Explore, an outdoor-focused organization based in Canada to create inclusion and diversity, and foster a love for the outdoors in kids and their parents. Cold weather and Canada go hand in hand during the winter, making it more difficult to head outside with little ones. Skori shares a reel on her Instagram feed with her top tips for trudging out into the cold with her little ones.

Many moms are hesitant to take their kids hiking in the snow. But for the sake of everyone's mental health, sometimes you just need to get outside and spend the day exploring nature. As long as it's not too cold, it's a great way to get an adventure if you know where to start. But it raises the question: How do you keep your little one warm? Skori's top tips are:

  • Pack ice cleats.
  • Check the temperature.
  • Layer up your baby (starting with base layers).
  • Stay inside if it feels too cold.
  • Always plan your route.
  • Take short hikes.
  • Make sure your baby stays dry and fed.

Her favorite tip to share with fellow moms is, "Bye-bye, expectations!" Hikes, and every other adventure outside the house, will go a lot better if you don't have expectations weighing you down.

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