Hailey putting on her backpack and her kids snuggling at the summit
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This Mom's Viral Video Shows a Realistic Look at Hiking With Babies

TikTokers, YouTubers, Instagramers, and other social media content creators often show the highlights of their adventures to the world. Everything looks picture perfect, which may be difficult for beginners to relate to. That's especially emphasized when it comes to hiking with babies. Juggling a toddler and an infant can be challenging enough at home, and the idea of taking them out on trails can seem impossible. But one mom has made it her mission to show the world that anything is possible, even with two young kids.

Hailey Terry, @haileyoutside, not only hikes with her two kids but also travels and camps with her son and daughter and their loveable pup, Summit. She shares her best tips and tricks with her followers on social media and her website, haileyoutside.com. In a popular Instagram video, Hailey shares a realistic look at what hiking with babies really looks like.

The video begins with Hailey packing up her hiking backpack and getting ready to leave, which is sometimes the hardest part. She says in the video that it took them about an hour to get out the door. Once they arrived at the trail, she adjusted her pack and put it on, with her baby inside, and headed out on the trail. Of course, no outing would be complete without a toddler demanding more snacks after they have had more than their fair share. But the crew finally begins their hike.

It's adorable to watch her toddler and her dog ran along in front of her. Hailey says at some points, she was literally running to catch up with her son. Like all good toddlers, he tends to stop a lot, giving her the chance to catch up. Once they get to the top of their hike, they break for snacks and to check out some scenery. She even highlights the less glamorous parts of hiking with kids. No one likes changing a poopy diaper, but it is certainly a necessity, even when you are out on a trail! On the way down, her son found some ants on a log and did not want to leave. She says in the video that she had to "drag him away from the ants on the log." The clip of her daughter sleeping in her backpack on the way back down was extra sweet. Hailey writes in the comments that the hike took about 2.5 hours and was about 2 miles.

In another video, she also shares what she packs for a day hike with her kids. If you plan on making hikes an everyday thing, you may want to save this post for later!

It can be hard to remember everything you need to take with you when you have a toddler chatting and a baby exploring. But Hailey has compiled a pretty solid list when she shared a glance into packing style. In the caption, she writes:

"One little tip that's really helpful is to pack the night before so you're not trying to get everything packed and the kids put together. That's not always possible, especially since we decide last minute a lot of times to go hiking, so having a list is also crucial! Here is what I typically carry on our day hikes:

Snacks (lunch if it's a longer hike)
Changing mat if desired
Extra pair of pants/underwear for my toddler
Layers depending on the time of year
Garmin InReach Mini
Baby carrier
Emergency supplies (first aid kit, poncho, emergency blankets, fire starter)
Poop bags
Dog leash
Pepper spray or bear spray."

As a mom and a hiker myself, having a list (and following it) really does make the whole process easier and gets you out the door and onto your adventure faster. Fostering a love for the outdoors in the next generation makes it all worth it.

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