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The Winner of the Cameron Hanes Truck Has Been Chosen... is it You?

Watch as the guys from MTN OPs shoot their Hoyt Bows to pick a winner of Cameron Hanes' Keep Hammering Truck.

We shared earlier how to enter for a chance to win the Cameron Hanes' Keep Hammering Truck with MTN OPs. The odds were better than the lottery and all you needed to do was purchase MTN OPs.

Well now, the boys from MTN OPs teamed up with Hoyt at the Easton Foundation Center to choose a winner. Like they chose their winner for their hunt giveaway, they always do it in style. For the hunt, they filled one empty MTN OPS protein jar with tannerite. The boys took turns drawing names live on their Instagram, then choosing a protein jar to shoot at, at random. When the shooter finally shot the jar that had the tannerite, the name chose at that time won.

This time, Casey and Jordan decided to write down the contestants names on clay pigeons and take a shot with their bows until they "crushed" a winner. That name, well to find out you not only have to watch this video but watch them as they drive the truck to the winner.

That's right! They have the winner and will be heading your way. In the video they don't quite say how or when, but they mentioned that you need to pay close attention to them so you can be alerted when they will take off. From there, you will be able to keep an eye on the guys using GPS as they make stops along the way. They will be looking to meet up with as many people and stop in as many places as possible and who knows, that place may just be in your neighborhood.

Better yet, if their last stop is at your door, you are the official winner of the Cameron Hanes Keep Hammering Dodge truck.

To keep up with MTN OPs be sure to follow their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for your chance to follow them as they head out to give the winner his or her new truck!

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