Better Odds Than the Lottery: Win Cameron Hanes' Truck with MTN OPS

Purchasing the premium outdoor nutrition and performance products from MTN OPS enters you for a chance to win the Keep Hammering Truck Giveaway.

That's right. All you need to do is make a regular purchase, and for every five dollars you spend, you are entered for a chance to win Cameron Hanes' "Keep Hammering" Truck.

What is MTN OPS?

If you are not familiar with MTN OPS by now, it is a company that is dedicated to not only helping you, as a hunter, but helping the community as well. Through donating meals to conquer hunger, giving a percentage of your purchase back to conservation and much more, MTN OPS is providing for the hunting community as a whole. Of course, they wouldn't be who they are without providing you premium performance products to better yourself in the gym and in the field. MTN OPS is having a huge impact on the hunting industry altogether and now, they want to give even more.

How to enter the Keep Hammering Truck Giveaway?

Between March 15 and May 10th, make a purchase at If you purchase through your local dealer, save the receipt and submit here. If purchasing MTN OPS online, use promo code "TRUCK" during checkout. For every five dollars that you spend, you will receive one entry.

Additional ways to increase odds:

The Keep Hammering Truck

Cameron Hanes' Keep Hammering Truck is a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 5.7 Liter Hemi Engine. It includes a leveling kit for tire clearance and fuel vapor 20x10 off road rims. The rims are strapped with Atturo Trail Blade 35" tires. It comes fully matted with a weather-resistant Under Armour Ridge Reaper Barren pattern truck wrap. We know, pretty sweet.

Winning is great, but how you win is way cooler.

MTN OPS submits the entries to a third party application that will random select 10 winning customers. From those 10 names MTN OPS will randomly select a winner through a unique process. The last giveaway MTN OPS completed, they filled one Ammo Protein case with Tannerite and shuffled it at random. Then the crew drew a name, picked one of the ten containers to shoot at. If the crew member shot a container containing only the protein, no win. If the container contained the tannerite, however, and exploded, the name drawn was the winner. How cool right?

Watching the video online is cool, but watching it unfold live was much cooler. To do so, you have to keep up with the crew on their Instagram account: @mtnops. Here you can watch their story line and live feed as they select the names at random and decide who will win the Keep Hammering Truck.

Jordan Harbertson, co-founder and chief of communications at MTN OPS told us, "With the launch of our all-new MTN OPS Keep Hammering Series in collaboration with Cameron Hanes earlier this year, we thought about taking a page from Cam's book to "Ramp It Up". We thought how could we offer more than this incredible combination of high performance supplements build by Cameron? And then we thought, how about we giveaway a Ram 1500 Truck to one lucky winner who purchases from between March 15-May 10. And that is how we launched the MTN OPS KEEP HAMMERING TRUCK opportunity. For every five dollars you spend on it will give you one entry towards winning this truck. The winner will actually buy the truck from us for one dollar. It's an incredible opportunity and a win-win for everyone. You get to purchase the best outdoor performance energy and nutrition products and be entered to possibly drive home one of the best performance trucks in the business."

So to recap, even if you don't win, you still get whatever it is you purchased from MTN OPS. So if you currently are working out and not using MTN OPS, try switching, the least that happens is you end up in love with MTN OPS and you found yourself a new performance product. The best that could happen is you win a truck to drive not only to the gym, but to the mountains, the valleys and everywhere in between.

For more information and the full terms and conditions, go here

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