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Winery Waitress Handles Australian Goanna Like a Pro


A waitress is the hero at this winery for removing a goanna lizard.

The goanna is a type of monitor lizard native to Australia ranging in different sizes. This one found in the Mimosa Winery was rather large. However, they can get up to eight feet long.

Watch this waitress be the hero:

Several people scream and yell when they see a cockroach, but imagine enjoying your lunch and this giant monitor shows up. The waitress simply grabbed the lizard and dragged it out. The giant lizard didn't seem to care.

If you didn't catch it the first time one lady even climbed on her chair she was so afraid.

The waitress is receiving the name Goanna Wrangler from local news sources for her bravery. Needless to say, the restaurant guests got more than they bargained for.

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Winery Waitress Handles Australian Goanna Like a Pro