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Here's a Breakdown of a Butchered Bobcat

Facebook: From Field to Plate

Bobcat meat isn't really a delicacy but is edible according to this guy.

From Field to Plate posted this video of bobcat meat being quartered. It is true that many people do not prefer the meat of a bobcat. Some use it for bait while many simply tossed it.

Fur is one of the primary uses for bobcats after they're trapped or hunted. They're also taken out simply because they're a nuisance to wild turkey and whitetail fawns.

Watch the video below:

BOBCAT BREAKDOWN: I don't get why so many hunters shoot, skin and toss this delicious meat in the garbage. Bobcat has the same texture and flavor profile of pork. I know this is going to gross many of you out, but I don't care. Meat is meat and if you shoot it, you eat it. That's what I've been raised on. #fromfieldtoplate @havalon_knives | @mossyoak | @whitebonecreations

Posted by From Field To Plate on Monday, February 13, 2017

It seems really simple. Quarter it then just remove the backstraps. Maybe next time you'll consider saving the meat or at a minimum donating it to someone who will.

Let us know if you've ever tried bobcat meat, and if you liked it or not.

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Here's a Breakdown of a Butchered Bobcat