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Bobcat Tries to Join Hunter in Treestand

A hunter gets a unique visitor as a curious bobcat shoots himself right up the tree to see what is going on.

Something about bobcats makes them mysterious and intriguing to people, and now this video is catching a lot of attention. From his treestand, Joseph Sumpter saw a bobcat approaching and began to film it right below him. Little did he know what the bobcat would do next.

Hunting in North Central Kansas, his heart began to pound and one of the coolest encounters he will probably ever have unfolded.

Watch the video below:

Bobcats are incredibly neat and fascinating animals. It also seems they are curious and really good climbers after watching this video. Small, but very powerful and athletic creatures, adult bobcats have been known to take down a deer pretty easily.

So knowing their potential may have made this encounter a bit scary.

It blows my mind to see the quick burst speed bobcats have. He goes from the ground to the tree in a flash and then works his way up to the tree stand. Those speedy reflexes is what makes it possible for bobcats to capture rabbits and squirrels so easily.

Joseph remained calm and kept the camera rolling. I think I would have gotten a little antsy and either yelled for the bobcat to get away or reach for my bow.

What an encounter!

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