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Winchester is Now the Official Ammunition of the Scholastic Clay Target Program

Winchester just announced themselves as the ammunition supplier and sponsor for the Scholastic Clay Target Program.

Youth shooting programs deserve the support of any sportsman, and the industry groups that get behind them know the future of shooting sports depends on their success.

In a like-minded move, Winchester has become the official ammunition for the Scholastic Clay Target Program.

The SCTP provides the opportunity to learn and participate in trap, skeet and sporting clay target shooting for more than 16,000 youth athletes and more than 4,000 coaches.

"Winchester is focused on the growth in youth shooting sports participants across North America and we are extremely proud to be aligned with SCTP and their efforts," said Matt Campbell, vice president of sales and marketing for Winchester Ammunition. "This is a tremendous opportunity for Winchester to work with an organization that helps thousands of coaches and athletes participate in the youth shooting sports each year."

The objective on the SCTP is to help youngsters reach their potential of becoming the best athletes--and young adults--that they can be.

"We are elated to have Winchester Ammunition as the Official Ammunition of SCTP and the SCTP National Shooting Team," said Tom Wondrash, SCTP National Executive Director. "Our athletes and coaches on the SCTP National Team are excited to have the Winchester Ammunition brand and products as part of the team's events and camps as well as at the USA Shooting Spring and Fall Selection Matches and State and National Junior Olympic matches across the country. We value the confidence that Winchester Ammunition and companies like them place in us!"

The SCTP National Team's first match for the 2019 competitive season is the USA Shooting Spring selection match at the Tucson Trap & Skeet range in Tucson, Arizona, February 25 through March 10, 2019.



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Winchester is Now the Official Ammunition of the Scholastic Clay Target Program