apple macbook pro stop a .22 bullet

Apple Fans, Try Not to Get Too Excited, but Your MacBook Pro is Bulletproof

Would your Apple Macbook Pro stop a .22 bullet? How about a 9mm?

Well 22 Plinkster was curious, so he put this technology to the lead test.

Well, the construction of an Apple Macbook Pro is pretty impressive. With that electronic and metal construction how well does it stand up to pistol bullets anyway?

Shooting sensation has an Apple Macbook Pro in his hands and takes aim with a .22 long rifle caliber pistol. Much to our surprise those .22 bullets are captured in the Macbook and do not penetrate through it. Well .22 Plinkster takes aim now with a 9mm pistol. The results are shockingly displayed in this video. Once again, no pass through of the bullet was achieved on this Apple Macbook Pro.

While not meant to stop bullets the Apple Macbook Pro certainly could have saved the day in this instance. A special thanks go out to 22 Plinkster to put this tough technology to the test.