Wildfire Forces Dozens To Evacuate In Washington
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Wildfire Forces Dozens To Evacuate In Washington

It wouldn't be the summer without the latest crop of wildfires. In Spokane, Washington, dozens had to flee their homes due to a 75-acre blaze burning across the state.

Fire crews are optimistic that they have the wildfire contain, establishing a perimeter around the inferno. However, Jessa Lewis of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources told the Spokane Review that the fire could still jump it. "It's pretty well knocked down, but with winds, they're being cautious," Lewis said.

Right now, investigators are trying to determine the cause of the wildfire as well. It started after Spokane County Fire District 3 reported a large slash pile went up and spread to the surrounding tree-line. From there, the fire spread half an acre and quickly ballooned into a massive fire that threatened 100 homes.

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"It's slowing down when it hits green grass, and then it picks back up when it hits dry (grass)," Lewis said. Spokane's skyline is covered in a large plume of smoke and ash. It took the coordinated efforts of more than 100 firefighters to contain the blaze. They used bulldozers, helicopters, and planes to try to slow down the wildfire by dropping water into Tuesday evening.

Wildfire Causes Residents To Flee

Still, several residents had to flee their homes. Those closest to the path of the blaze received a Level 3 evacuation order. It basically said for them to flee their residences immediately. Resident Laurie Heard said that she saw the fire in her own yard while playing the piano.

"I went out with my shovel," she said. "I could see within a few minutes my shovel wasn't going to do anything." She lost her trailer as well as a shop building. She also thought she would lose her chickens in the process. However, firefighter opened up the chicken coop and saved six chickens as well as Heard's prized hen Angela.

"I personally thanked every single firefighter," her nephew said. Meanwhile, Robin King said he had his bags packed with all of his important documents should he have to flee. Ultimately, it's going to come down to the wind in the area."My safety and our house depends on the wind," he said.

Meanwhile, Rebekah Huffman saw trees engulfed on fire. "They were engulfed in flames," she said. "It was crazy." Other residents in the area are also packing their bags and ready to leave should things go south. Firefighters are working to put out the wildfire.