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Wild Stallion Rescues Drowning Filly in Miraculous Natural Drama

When a drowning filly gets into trouble during a water crossing, you'd be surprised at who comes to her rescue. 

Wild horses depend on their survival instinct to keep them alive. They are highly aware of changes in their environment which could signify predators, and their best defense is to flee and avoid confrontation. But predators aren't the only danger that wild horses encounter today. This video is a great example, and when this drowning filly gets caught up in a strong current, she's in desperate need of rescue.

The herd of horses in this video attempts to cross a river, but the current is too strong for the smaller filly. While horses are decent swimmers, this filly gets swept underwater and is clearly in trouble. That's when this wild stallion steps in, gripping the filly by the neck and helping to pull her to safety.

Take a look at this incredible video.

Stallion Rescues Filly in the Wild

Wild horses live in herds because herds help to keep them safe. A lone horse is an easier target for predators, and herd members can stand watch over resting horses so there's always someone on the lookout for danger. Herd members also become protective of the other horses in the herd, and mares often band together to defend younger foals against danger.

The stallion in a herd is highly defensive of his mares, and he works to keep the herd together. The fact that this wild stallion stepped in to rescue the drowning filly shows his protective instincts. Horses are highly intelligent, and this video shows just how wild horses have managed to survive all these years.

This post was originally published on September 27, 2016. The footage still makes our hearts flutter, so we decided to re-share it in our feeds. Visit Salt River Wind Horses on Facebook or on their website to learn more. 

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