'Wild Meat, Wild Harvest' Speaks to the Importance of Hunting for Our Food

This short video makes a strong and simple argument for hunting and the procurement of meat as fundamental to both humanity and wildlife conservation.

Shane Mahoney narrates this short, dynamic video that says more - and says it more eloquently - in two-and-a-half minutes than many others say in much lengthier films.

He speaks of the necessity - both rarefied and practical - of harvesting wild game via hunting and angling in today's modern world, where so many people are often disconnected from the source of their food. This disconnection is a relatively recent development in human evolution.

It has also, in my opinion, led to a disconnection between many people - particularly anti-hunters - and the natural world. Anti-hunters feel much but know little in practical terms about the animals they claim to care about, and they often seem to know even less about humanity and our place in the natural world.

This kind of unrealistic and illusory thinking is what the disconnection from our food has wrought.

But as Mahoney says, approximately 40 million people in North America take to the woods and waterways every year, in opposition to this disconnection. These men and women seek to maintain and reinforce their connection to both their food and to the natural world.

This is indeed a noble undertaking.

Mahoney then brings it back, as he always justifiably does, to wildlife conservation. "A naturally grown wild harvest feeding millions annually. This is one of the best reasons why land and wildlife conservation matter."

This video was produced by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

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