Fawn Triplets

Wild Doe Gives Birth to Fawn Triplets, and One is Albino

This doe gave birth to a set of triplets including a white fawn!

Deer that give birth to triplets are already uncommon in the wild. But for a doe to give birth to triplets AND an albino fawn?

That must be one of the rarest occurrences in nature. But that's exactly what this Montana mule deer did.

The fawns and their mother were photographed near Miles City, Montana according to KTVQ.com.

The photos of this rare sight were later shared by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks on social media where they became an instant hit.

The Quality Deer Management Association says 15 to 20 percent of does in a healthy population will have triplets. It is further believed that the odds of a true albino deer are another one in 20,000 chance according to many experts. That means this mother deer overcame some serious odds for these fawns to be born.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks are using the photos of the animal as a moment to not only educate people on how rare an occurrence like this is, but to also remind people that fawns seen on their own are not abandoned.

"Please remember to give does and fawns space this time of year, as does often stash a fawn while they feed and rarely abandon their young," they wrote on a Facebook post. "The animals' best chance at surviving and thriving is in nature, with humans at a safe distance!"

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Although we are glad someone was able to catch photos of this amazing sight to share with the world!

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