Wild Bunny Stops by and Becomes Enamored with Pet Bunny

The plot to this love story sounds more like a Disney cartoon or Shakespeare-inspired novel than real life.

It's a classic tale of two star-crossed lovers, but instead of a romantic balcony, there's a deck and a screen door. And instead of Romeo and Juliet, there's Pep and her wild beau. Their love story starts on a warm spring day when Pep's mom decided to leave the sliding door open to let in a warm breeze.

Pep's favorite spot in the house is in front of that glass door. She likes to sit safely inside while staring out and imagining the thrill and adventure that awaits—or maybe she's dreaming about breaking into mom's garden and stealing herself a treat. Regardless of what was going through her mind, the big-eared pet wasn't ready for the dark, handsome stranger that hopped into her view.

She'd seen this wild rabbit in her yard before, but this was the first time he braved the deck stairs to get close. His curiosity led him across the wood planks to see what treasures he could find, and the sight of Pep sitting poised behind the screen stopped him mid hop. With her elegantly speckled white and black fur, Pep knew she was a looker.

She quickly checked her reflection in the glass to make sure there was no leftover lettuce stuck between her teeth. She looked demurely out the window toward the untamed stranger, and her heart started beating even faster than normal.


After a few inquisitive looks, her visitor got brave enough to get close. He was already in love, and he wanted nothing more than to breach the screened barrier and meet Pep twitching little nose to twitching little nose. Like any lady would, Pep played hard to get. She ran from the window, but it was all a test. When her new friend showed he was willing to fight for her attention, she scampered back and whispered her true thoughts through the screen.

They come from different worlds, but Pep and the wild rabbit made an instant connection. Hopefully their story ends much differently than the fictional Romeo and Juliet—this is real life, after all, and not a Shakespearean tragedy.

How do you think this love story between pet bunny and wild rabbit ends? Let us know in the comments.

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