Why You Should Finally Give in to the Awesomeness of Crossbows

It shouldn't take long to realize the advantages of crossbow hunting.

What do you mean you haven't shot a crossbow?

If you're one of the leftover hunters who has yet to fully realize what it's like to take an animal with a crossbow, we've got the convincing arguments to finally push you over the edge.

When we founded Excalibur Crossbows, we set out to make the most efficient, reliable, and accurate hunting crossbow that money can buy. We aren't outsiders just trying to cash in on some fad. We're actual crossbow hunters who use the things we design and create, meaning we take the necessary steps to deliver performance we'd expect, and you should too.

So there's you're first reason to consider crossbows: You've already found Excalibur, and we're dedicated to making it easy and inexpensive for you.

Beyond that, there are a few more things you should know.

Archery seasons across the country have always been regarded as special times. You're not amongst other hunters who can easily spook a deer and ruin your chances with a shot from their firearm. As long as your state allows them, using a crossbow during this time of year gives you a big advantage.

In fact, rifle hunters in states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Illinois, and others should definitely consider a crossbow as a secondary weapon. It will essentially extend your season, and in states like Illinois where the law was just changed to add crossbows, archery seasons have become a lot more interesting.

Not only that, but crossbows help get over several of the apprehensions hunters have about bowhunting in general. A bow, even an advanced compound bow like you see online and in the stores, takes strength, accuracy, and repetition that is sometimes hard to acquire.

Many hunters believe the only shots worth taking are the ethical ones, and are intimidated by the idea of missing a shot with a bow and arrow badly, causing an unfortunate situation.

With a crossbow, you can utilize the sort of features that make them such a good choice in the first place. There's no effort used in holding a crossbow at full draw, and the easy addition of optics lets you zero in on an animal's vitals just as you would with a riflescope.

That's awarding you the confidence you need to give crossbows a chance, and find out what it's like to shoot one. There shouldn't be many more excuses left to not at least try.

When you're ready, there's plenty more waiting for you at ExcaliburCrossbow.com.