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Why You Should Always Practice Treestand Safety

Tree Stand Safety

This story from Tim Crawford resonates with so many for a multitude of reasons. 

Back in 2008, Tim Crawford fell 25 feet from a treestand and woke up paralyzed after laying at the base of his tree for eight hours. It wasn't until his hunting buddy came to look for him that he was found. In a moment, Crawford almost lost his life, but by a miracle, he survived. Doctors told him he would never walk again. However, Crawford's determination defied odds and he was able to regain full mobility.

This story is only one of many that happen every single year when deer hunters don't practice treestand safety. Using a harness is a must. Here, just listen to Tim Crawford share his story. If this doesn't convince you it's time to be a little more safe in the woods, perhaps nothing will.

Watch the video below:

I fell out of my treestand about five years ago. I landed directly on my feet and rolled out into the field, but my hips paid the price. For months after that fall, I could still feel the impact. From that point on, I've always worn a harness. Thankfully for me, the tree I fell out of was only about 10 feet off the ground. Had it been higher, I could have quickly found myself in the same situation Crawford just described.

These days I have a son, a wife, a house and a future. Falling out of a tree while deer hunting is simply not an option. So, you should also make it a plan this year to play it safe with every hunt. Inspect your stands before you hunt. Wear a harness, use a carry rope for your gear and put yourself first. Deer aren't that important.



Why You Should Always Practice Treestand Safety