Why Learning Archery is So Great for Kids

What does learning archery at a young age provide? More than you probably realize.

Some of us started shooting a bow when we were kids, but for those who got to it later in life, we'd like to share some of the big lessons you may have passed over as a mature adult.

It's important to point out that in their impressionable years, youngsters can benefit greatly from the values of archery.

No other bow company has done more to help kids, and more specifically their parents, understand these values better than Genesis®. They've set out to show everyone how learning archery can truly make an impact on someone's life.

That is to say, it's never too late to learn, and these are the lessons you, and any kid who tries it for the first time should take away.

First and foremost, they're building confidence in their skills. The amount of concentration and focus required in archery promotes discipline, and someone who picks up a bow for the first time should be ready for early frustrations.

It's what they must do to recognize and deal with those frustrations that pay dividends. Overcoming initial shortcomings and beating a learning curve makes for a successful endeavor, whether or not they continue shooting a bow for the rest of their lives.

Also, think for a minute about what a prepubescent kid is going through, physically. When you consider kids and their developing bodies, an activity that helps with balance and hand-eye coordination is an obvious benefit. Even better, there's no height or size requirement; a kid of any size can find a Genesis bow that fits them, and most can be adjusted as they grow.

Today's world of tech-driven distractions makes it tough to find activities that youngsters will enjoy and still benefit from. Heck, Genesis has embraced their website visitors, allowing them to Build-a-Bow and create their own unique set up, perfect for exactly what they need. Let your kids choose their bow online, and you'll be using that tech for a good cause.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that teaching a child to shoot a bow and arrow can be a positive factor in their growth and development. When you think about the sorts of things a kid can get themselves into these days, it's tough to argue over the merits of archery.

Take a note from Genesis and help someone you know to start learning these lessons. They'll be a lot better off for it.