What Are the Real Benefits of Archery?

As hunters we'll always appreciate our bows, but what are the real benefits of archery?

Anyone who's crossed over into bowhunting knows, for a fact, that it's one of the most enjoyable ways to harvest an animal. We enjoy longer seasons, more hunting opportunities, and are even able to hunt in some areas gun hunters aren't allowed.

But if you step back for a second, you'll realize there are bigger benefits to the concept of learning archery than just hunting and weaponry. It's technically a hobby categorized with bowling, badminton, and table tennis.

To get some help explaining that, we teamed up with Genesis® Bows and picked their brains on everything they know to be good about archery. Genesis® makes its goal pretty simple: to help youth everywhere experience the thrill of drawing back a bow, taking aim, and sending an arrow flying straight to the center of a target.

In the process, they're building confidence and learning the value of focus, discipline, and spending time outdoors.

Here's what archery can do for you (and especially for youngsters just starting out) that you can bank on as good, positive, developmental advancement.

1. Improves hand-eye coordination and balance

Obviously this is one of the biggest advantages archery can provide, and when you consider kids and their developing bodies, how could you argue against an activity that helps with balance and hand-eye coordination?

2. Increases focus and patience

OK, maybe this is one lesson you've learned from bowhunting, but think about it: You need extreme focus and utmost patience, especially when you're first learning to use a bow.

With all the attention span jokes about kids these days, and the competition of phone screens and laptops, it's tough to find activities that youngsters will enjoy and still benefit from.

Well, it was tough, before you realized archery is perfect for that sort of thing.

3. Inclusivity

Archery is no doubt a social sport; people of any age and athletic ability can participate in shooting a bow.

You don't need to be tall, strong, or popular to have fun learning archery, something both parents and kids enjoy.

4. Helps youth develop a strong connection with nature

Here's where the hunting and outdoors aspect returns. If you're concerned about finding a god way to introduce your kids to the sportsman and woman ethos, archery fits right in.

Now that it's refreshed in your mind, go grab your bow, and think about the kids in your life that could use one, too. Genesis is the perfect place to look, and their bows will show you the benefits faster than you'd ever realize.