Why Genesis Bows Make a Great Gift for Beginners

Genesis® Archery has solidified itself as the premier brand for beginning archers.

There are quite a few bow brands on the market, but the ones you generally hear about are the higher-end bows that advanced bowhunters take into the woods. Let's be honest; no one starts out with a $1,000 bow. You work your way up to that.

So where should you start? When should you start? For most archers, it begins at a young age, so a bow with a little less oomph is the most practical. Cost efficiency is also very important, as you probably don't want to drop a bunch of money on a bow until you're certain it's something you'll do long term.

Genesis Archery has found a way to own this market in more than one way. For one, they've focused all their energy on entry-level bows for youth archers and hunters.

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The Bows

Each of us within the hunting community knows the importance of introducing children to hunting at a young age. Even if they don't take an interest to hunting, it's vital they at least understand the workings of both bows and firearms, as well as the importance of conservation. There may be no better gift in this niche than a Genesis bow.

So, if you're in the market for an entry-level bow, what makes Genesis the best route to take?

The most glaring answer to this question is the number of options. Lots of brands have some kind of entry-level option, but there's generally only one to pick from. As a brand that focuses on this market, Genesis has something for every new archer.

You can go with the Genesis Original, which features a 20-pound draw weight and a small investment of $170. Or, if your beginning archer has an interest in eventually doing some hunting, the Gen-X is a great alternative. Coming in at $190 with a 40-pound draw weight, this small upgrade can open a lot more doors.

Additionally, Genesis offers hunting, target-shooting, and bowfishing kits you can add to each bow for just a little more, plus a particularly wide variety of colors to pick from that includes a number of different camo patterns.

Be sure to check out the Genesis 'Build-a-Bow' online tool, where you can pick and choose your preferences.


Genesis isn't only making a name in the marketplace, though. Genesis is also the official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program, whose mission is to introduce the next generation to archery and safe archery practices.

It's so paramount in our divided society to educate others, especially the youth, on the importance of teamwork, discipline, safety and conservation, and that's exactly what the program does. Genesis sits right at the helm of this mission as one of NASPs premier sponsors.

Through NASP and Genesis, not only are children from 4th-12th grade learning how to safely use archery equipment, but they're also learning about the fun that comes with it.

For information on how to get involved, reach out to a NASP coach or director here.

Above all else, know that when the time comes to gift your youngster with a bow, Genesis has you well-covered.