fly fish muskies

This is Why You Fly Fish for Muskies

If you're going to fly fish for muskie, you better hope a lot of luck is on your side. 

There is no denying that fly fishing is gaining in popularity all over the country. Thanks to the help of Instagram, fly fishing communities have sprung up everywhere. One particular genre that's developed a very loyal community is musky fly fishing. Why? Well, it's terrible, hard, agonizing, painful, awesome, spectacular and adrenaline-packed. Chasing these fish with a fly rod is everything you could ever hope for in terms of fly fishing. The pain is worth it when a muskie gets hooked, as all hell typically breaks loose.

Just check out this video and see for yourself:

Some of those strikes they caught on film were just crazy. Muskie fishermen see those kind of strikes all the time because that's how these fish normally hit. However, if this is your first time watching a muskie strike on a figure eight, or even next to the boat, it kind of makes you want to give it a try, doesn't it?

If you do, though, be careful. This kind of fishing is highly addictive. Once you go muskie, it's hard to fish for anything else.