Why Did This College Student Dive Headfirst Onto This Shark?

Let's just say this probably wasn't the wisest decision this young man has ever made.

This college student decides to go for the unthinkable while hanging out on a dock with friends around. A small shark was making it's way close when this young man goes head first after it.

With a big splash and some kicking, the student surfaces the water with a shark in hand. He just bare handed a real live shark.

And as you could expect, the bystanders go crazy.

So what did you do today? Eh, just dove in head first off the dock and grabbed a shark by the tail. All for a little rush and some laughs.

I don't care if it was just a few feet long, that is a story to tell for years. And if it is like other fishing stories, the shark can just get bigger as time goes on.

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