Who Says You Can't Use A .270 Winchester To Hunt Moose

Who Says You Can't Use a .270 to Hunt Moose?

Watch Keith Warren take down this massive bull moose with his .270.

Moose are massive animals and some people caution against using smaller cartridges when hunting them. However, cartridges like the .270 Winchester are certainly capable of cleanly taking even the biggest bull moose. You just have to have good shot placement and use high-quality bullets.

Keith Warren demonstrated just how effective the cartridge can be on moose on a hunt in Alaska several years ago with a Savage rifle.

Check out the video to see what I mean.

Nice shooting, Keith! That looks like a really big moose! I have no idea what load Keith was using, but it clearly worked pretty well for him.

As you can see, with precise shot placement, the .270 Winchester can be pretty darn effective on a moose. Keith made two really good shots: the first one was right on the money (and that moose was probably dead on its feet) and the second one put it down for good.

So just keep this video in the back of your mind next time you get into a discussion with somebody about the merits of a .270 vs. a .30-06 because you absolutely can use the .270 Winchester to effectively hunt moose.

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