Who Needs a Horse? This Barrel Racing Dog Proves He's up to the Task

Think barrel racing is for horses? Not anymore - this barrel racing dog runs the pattern like a pro! 

Normally, barrel racing is a sport when you'd expect to see pairs of horses and riders racing around the pattern. It's fast-paced and full of excitement, and you never know when a team might make a mistake and tip over a barrel or turn a little wide, wasting valuable time. But this barrel racing dog proves that you don't need a horse to participate in this sport.

Take a look as this dog shows off his awesome barrel racing talents!

It looks like this barrel racing dog is having a great time, and he certainly has the pattern down well. Could we be looking at the emergence of a new sport? Something a bit like canine agility, but also requiring the dog to be a little more independent?

So, maybe it will be a few more years before we see dog barrel racing become a competitive sport, but if you're a horseback rider, there are plenty of competition opportunities. Don't be fooled - though the sport is popular, it's far from easy. Training a good barrel horse takes years, and riders have to learn how to ride their turns correctly, how to help the horse balance around barrels, and how and when the push the horse for more speed.

Barrel racing definitely takes talent, as well as a great horse and rider team. Then again, that's what makes it so thrilling, and keeps so many riders working their way up in the sport.

What do you think of this barrel racing dog's talents? Tell us in the comments below!

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