Big Game Treestands

#WhitetailWednesday: Is Sprinting to Your Deer Stand Absolutely Brilliant or Incredibly Dumb?

We hunters drive ourselves mad as we think of tips and tactics to help us succeed during the rut. But what about sprinting to your treestand?

Mature whitetails are tough to kill. Really tough. Sometimes to get these incredibly smart animals in range and on the ground, we have to think outside the box. Because of that, you hear some pretty outlandish and crazy ideas. I recently had a discussion with a guy I often talk deer hunting with and he brought up a very interesting deer hunting strategy. He read about hunters running through the woods to their deer stands rather than sneaking in slowly.

Sounds absurd right? But not so fast, it might just make sense.

He broke down a situation where a guy hunting the top of a ridge placed his stand at a tough access point. It was especially tough on a still day with no wind. So, rather than slowly stomping through the leaves, clearly sounding like a two-legged creature, he was going to sprint. He ran full speed all the way to his stand.

He hoped the thrashing and crashing would mimic that of the rut. Instead of sounding like a two-footed threat, he thought deer would think of it as other bucks chasing does, which is so common during the rut.

To my surprise, rather than this just being a theory, this man supposedly arrowed a really nice and mature deer from the stand in less than 10 minutes after he attempted this access style.

Holy cow, right? Could this actually work? Does it make any sense? The more I think about it, the more I see it possibly working and the more I agree with the logic and reasoning behind it. But I still don't think I could actually talk myself into trying this technique, just because of what might happen. Getting to your stand undetected is huge piece of the puzzle when hunting. Therefore, I would always try to find the best route as possible to be stealthy, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Let us know what you think about this outside-the-box idea!