Pet Horse Dies After Being Shot by Crossbow Bolts in Tragic Story

Unfortunately stories like this happen and can often give hunters a bad rap.

Fannie Bay Equestrian Club, community club for horse and pony owners and enthusiasts in East Point, Northern Territory (Australia), had one of the most infuriating and disgusting encounters imaginable.

Two of their horses were shot overnight with crossbow bolts. Unfortunately, whoever committed this cowardly act doesn't represent the smallest fraction of hunters, but puts a black eye on the whole community.


"This horrible sight greeted one of our young members today when she went to catch her own horse from the paddock at 4pm. Pearl, a gentle and well loved pony who has taught many children to ride and brought happiness to many visitors during her time at FBEC, was found with TWO arrows embedded in her side. The members are shocked and horrified that someone could be so cruel, evil and stupid. Pearl has been taken to the Vets for surgery and we are awaiting news. The police have been alerted and will be investigating. The arrows may help identify the shooter. However, if you see any unusual behavior or know anyone in the Bow hunters clubs you might spread the word. This idiot is dangerous!!!!"


The club shared the post above on Facebook when they began searching for the culprits. Unfortunately, Pearl didn't end up surviving, but the other wounded horse survived and is still recovering. Following the story, FBEC gave everyone an update.

"Pearl crossed over the bridge tonight. The arrows were too long and internal damage too vast. RIP Pearly you brought joy to many. You didn't deserve this. Condolences to your people."

By the looks of the photos, the culprits shot the bolts without broadheads, but with field points instead. This left a clean entry wound, but the penetration and shot placement did too much damage. As a die-hard bowhunter and an owner of pets that I love dearly, this story fills me with nothing but sadness and rage towards these dispicable people.

After the post reached more than 10 million people around the world and had almost 150,000 shares, the police were able to bring in some suspects. We are very glad to hear they made an arrest and these people will get the justice they deserve.

This is a sad story, but at least there will be justice.