#WhitetailWednesday: 20 Shed Photos That Will Get You Out Hiking

These pics will get you out hiking!

Shed hunting season is in full swing at this point in many parts of the country. Or, if you're in the Midwest like me, maybe you're just getting started because of the snow.

Whatever the case may be, for today's #WhitetailWednesday, we scoured social media to find some impressive shed photos people have recently posted. If these don't pump you up for shed hunting, nothing will!

Kansas giant

It's no surprise that members of the Drury Outdoors crew knows the places where the giants are falling.

Piling them up

Some people already have a pile of antlers this year!

Tines in the snow

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It's always more satisfying to find them when the ground is covered in white.

Gnarly non-typical

Who wouldn't enjoy finding a cool non-typical set like this?

Almost stepped on it

shed photos

Travis Smola

This photo is actually mine. I'm up to three on the year with this being the largest so far. I nearly stepped on this antler during my second pass of this field!


Holy brow tine, Batman!



In all the years I've been shed hunting, I've never found a hanger like this.

Tine length

It's hard to miss one like this!

Great day afield

Here's another one from the Drury Outdoors team. This is the kind of day dreams are made of!

Snow thaw

If you live in an area of heavy snows, there's nothing quite as exciting as the first thaw exposing buried antler gold!


Almost walked right by..

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It always seems hardest to find the sides with more than four points.

Bloody base

There's something extra-rewarding about finding a shed that's so fresh the base is still bloody.


He had a spread thisssss big!

Easy find

There isn't much that is as exciting as spotting a big set in an open area like this!

Matched set

It's a thrill to match up any set, let alone one like this!

Public land

That's a giant and a heck of a buck for public land!

Darn squirrels

Remember, if you don't find them first, the squirrels will!


I never find sets this easy, so what am I doing wrong!?

Before and after

It's always great when you can find both sides to a deer you've already seen.

It seems shed hunters have been busy hiking just about everywhere the last few weeks and they're making some great finds. Well, what are you waiting for? It's time to get out and find some of your own!