Whitetail Deer Fawn Leashed by Kentucky Man Causes Outrage

Wildlife officials weren't too happy about this one. 

Wildlife officials are investigating a Facebook post of a man who leashed a whitetail deer fawn. Pictures surfaced from Louisville, Kentucky, of the whitetail deer fawn in a front seat. Posts also showed the man trying to sell the fawn for $500.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officials say it's illegal to attempt to domesticate wild whitetail fawns. The man could face charges up to $1,000.

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Whitetail deer are wild animals and female deer, or does, sometimes leave their fawns, but it doesn't mean the doe fawns are lost or missing. Similarly, does often give birth to twin fawns or even triplets.

People should leave fawns alone if they cross paths with them. A fawn's coat contains white spots for the first six-to-eight months of its life. A fawn's spots will fade, leaving a summer reddish-brown coat.

Mothers do hide their newborn fawns in thick cover to ensure their safety. This fawn probably meandered from its hiding spot.

Fawn survival is dependent on good cover, and people often do these adolescents a disservice when they interact with them.

The Quality Deer Management Association posted an article on myths about fawns. For more information, click here.

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