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Video: Doe Leads Her Young Fawn to Safety From Oncoming Traffic

A mother deer in Washington saves the day for this newborn fawn.

As this fawn in Port Orchard learns how to survive, its mother decides to lead by example. This fawn seems to be only days, if not hours old, as it barely knows how to walk. Fawns are adorable, but also very vulnerable this time of year.

Mama deer nudges her fawn safely out of the road

SAFE AND SOUND: Driver captures a mama deer coming to the aid of her fawn who plopped itself down in the middle of the road, nudging the baby out of harm's way.

Posted by Good Morning America on Sunday, June 3, 2018

As summer comes into full swing, it's time to be on the lookout for fawns dropping on the road.

If you spot a fawn near a highway, honk your horn to warn it. Keep your eyes open for crossing signs and slow down in the heavily populated areas.

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Video: Doe Leads Her Young Fawn to Safety From Oncoming Traffic