Whitetail Bowhunters Will Love Everything About These Field & Stream Packs

If you're going to take archery season seriously, you need the right pack.

As the year moves forward, we like to delve into timely gear worth looking at. Since archery season is upon us, now's the perfect time to address a major conundrum for bowhunters.

The question is, what kind of pack is best for bowhunting?

Depending on who you ask, you could get a wide variety of different answers. After giving them a good test, we think these three Field & Stream packs are ideal for three specific bowhunting environments. Each is affordable, and we can confidently say each of them is as nice as any other bag you'll lay hands on.

They'll all perform regardless of the conditions, but you should choose one that best fits your specific needs. Which will it be?

Ultimate Whitetail Hunting Pack

The Ultimate Whitetail Hunting Pack is ideal for those who like hunting with a height advantage. Donning the Realtree® EDGE™ camo pattern, this pack was designed to specifically accommodate treestand hunters.

Boasting optimal lumbar support, a large flip-down panel, and a convenient rattling antler connector, this pack makes getting up and down out of a tree a whole lot easier.

The main compartment can carry 1,450 cubic inches, which should be more than enough to hold all your gear for a hunt. The "Push-Past" pocket is particularly cool, as it allows hunters to quietly get to items without having to manipulate a loud zipper or a strip of velcro. This one is available for $89.99, a bargain in our eyes.

James River Hunting Pack


Every bowhunter knows what it's like when the rain starts falling in the early season. First your bag gets wet, then it's your feet and then your clothes. Before you know it, you're throwing your wet clothes into you're already-wet bag, making nothing short of a gross mess.

The James River Hunting Pack is exactly what you need when you know it's going to be wet and soggy. Not only is the pack water-resistant, but it also features a clean-out pocket, where hunters can store dirty or wet items away from the rest of their gear

This bag sits at $59.99 online right now, which is well worth it when you consider it's set up to carry a laptop, too. So, you don't have to just use this for bowhunting; you can use it for everything.

River Bottom Hunting Pack

The River Bottom Hunting Pack is like the Swiss Army Knife of hunting packs, as it will work for just about any kind of hunting. However, those keen on spot-and-stalk hunting would get the most out of it. Padded lumbar sport, a comfortable molded back panel and high-quality shoulder straps help you stay at the top of your game when the hiking gets tough.

And, this bag can fit a good bit of gear, too. With a main compartment that boasts 2,150 cubic inches of space, you have more than enough room. There's also a deployed support base that'll help strap a bow or a gun to the back of your bag, and a rain cover in the bottom pocket. You can pack two water bottles, and stash all your valuables in a dry pocket.

We know these sorts of decisions are big for hunters, which is why we wanted to give you some informed suggestions. Now that you've gotten a rundown of a few packs to choose from, you can make your pick and head out into the woods.