We Got to Check Out Field & Stream's Awesome New Kayaks

Field & Stream has some new kayaks that are making a good argument for a high-class rating.

We'd had our eyes on some kayaks for a while, and found an opportunity to check out some top quality crafts that have already proven themselves worthy in the short amount of time we've had with them.

Fitting in easily amongst the top kayak manufacturers, Field & Stream has released a line of kayaks that are top notch, and the prices are competitive too.

Field & Stream gives their kayaks a unique higher profile, one that looks really great and functions even better. Features like dropped rails for better tracking and colors you don't see anywhere add to their appeal.

We got to take a close look at two, and after tooling around a bit and giving them a test drive, it's clear these are smart choices in the kayak department.

The Field & Stream Charge Kayak is a recreational paddler's perfect companion, and looks ready to stand the toughest tests you and your waterways can give it.

The color choices are pretty awesome, helping you standout among the slew of kayaks that frequent busy water bodies these days. It's a one-person, sit-in with a bungee storage system at the bow and a storage hatch in the stern.

It only weighs 50 pounds and can hold 350, and we were pretty pumped on the lightweight factor.

Then our excitement reached its peak when we saw the Field & Stream 12' Eagle Run Fishing Kayak.

First of all, the adjustable backrest (which has basically become an angler kayak requirement) seemed to be just the right style, not too bulky but supportive enough to do its job. The foam seat and backrest pads were comfy enough for a long sit.

The weight of the Eagle Run is ridiculously low, ringing in at 60 pounds. We piled a medium-sized soft sided cooler, a full tackle bag, and three rods, and the weight was still perfectly manageable. This is the kind of kayak that can easily be handled solo.

There's so little weight, and yet it still holds up to 500 pounds. For a single-seater, that's more than enough. Field & Stream really nailed the buoyancy factor with their design.

Of course, the extras continued on. There aren't just rod holders (with leashes), but cup holders as well, ideal for a tumbler of coffee on those early morning sessions. Criss-crossing tie down bungees, a built in front console, and a back storage pod that's removable and lockable make it a really good all-around fishing kayak.

Field & Stream has some great paddles to go along with any kayak. The Chute aluminum paddle does what it needs to do, and looks like it's ready to stand up to some wear and tear over a long life.

Both of these unique kayaks are available online and at the Field & Stream Shop, as well as Dick's Sporting Goods online and in stores.

If you're looking for a new kayak this summer, we'd highly recommend either the Charge or the Eagle Run from Field & Stream.