White Skirt Tetra are Peaceful Additions to a Freshwater Aquarium Community

White Skirt Tetra are peaceful tankmates to a freshwater community. This breed is commonly available and doesn't require a lot of caretaking. A perfect fish for beginners, the White Skirt Tetra are a beautiful addition to any fishkeeper's tank.

The White Skirt Tetra is sometimes the victim of fish dyeing! Experts at Fishlore confirm that sometimes you'll come across a fish called a "Blueberry Tetra" or "Strawberry Tetra," which may be a White Skirt that has been dyed. Fish dyeing is a harmful practice, however, and shouldn't be condoned.

Another common fact about this tetra fish is you need to keep them in a small school of fish.

Breed overview


The Spruce Pets tells us there is no such thing as a wild White Skirt Tetra. The White Skirt is a variation of the Black Tetra (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi) and is only bred in captivity! Here are additional breed facts:

  • Scientific name: Gymnocorymbus ternetzi
  • Color variation: This species is a color variation of the popular Black Widow/Black Tetra.
  • Origin: Rio Paraguay, Rio Guapore, Bolivia
  • Life span: Up to 5 years
  • Tank size: 10 gallons

Behavior and temperament

These are schooling fish!

White Skirt Tetras are best kept in groups of five or more. Due to their peaceful nature, they make excellent community fish.

Experts report that they sometimes nip the fins of slower moving fish, particularly those with long flowing fins such as Bettas or Angelfish.

They need a diet of vitamin-enriched flake foods with occasional frozen food as a supplement to their diet. High-quality fake foods are important.

Tank conditions 


Live plants in the aquarium are a must as they help these tetras feel more secure.

They are used to large plants in their natural habitat you so must do everything you can to mirror this in their tank.

The Spruce Pets tells us, "Water parameters may range from acidic to alkaline and hard to soft. Ideally, they should initially be matched to the water conditions from the supplier. White Skirt Tetras are hardy at 70 to 90 F but if kept at colder temperatures, they are prone to developing ich."

These omnivores enjoy brine shrimp! Remember that fish dyeing is illegal, though. They will have health issues when they're artificially colored, so make sure these freshwater fish are the real thing!

Other common names are White Skirt Tetra, Petticoat Tetra and Gold Skirt Tetra.

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