Picking the Right Betta Fish Tank for Piscine Pals

You "Betta" put your fish in a new home they will love!

There's a lot that goes into Betta fish keeping. The fish tank setup can be fairly easy, but you have to have all the essentials before you can put together the perfect habitat for your Betta fish. Keep in mind, Betta fish do not like tank mates. You will be investing in a tank for just one fish, but you should want to give your pets the best living experience. Some people like divider tanks, but they seem to be on the smaller tank side.

Betta Fish Tank Size?

Aim for a 5 gallon tank, but if you'd like to find something as big as a 10 gallon tank, that's a great idea! Betta fish are known as fighting fish, so even though they're going to have the tank to themselves, they still need a lot of room. They're kind of stingy little fellas.

Can Bettas Live With Other Fish?

Betta fish are known for being aggressive and territorial. They don't care for fish that are bigger than them. In fact, they might see them as a threat and will begin to fight them. That's the last thing you want happening. Some believe female Bettas can coexist with other tropical fish if you put them in a much larger tank. I personally wouldn't take the risk.

What Does a Betta Tank Need?

Some of these tanks have nice starter kit essentials! If you come across one that doesn't have everything you need, feel free to choose your own Betta fish tank supplies. A filtration system, warm water, gravel, and decor is what your glass tank needs.

Best Betta Fish Tanks

1. Koeller Products 6.5-Gallon Aquarium Kit

How funky is this one!? This aquarium has LED lighting. Choose from seven colors to illuminate your fish.

Get it here for $54.95.

2. Aqueon fish neoglow LED

This 5.5 gallon aquarium has pink fluorescent silicone and a hood for LED lighting. Did anyone else participate in the trend to hang Christmas lights around their ceiling or bed frame? Put your fish tank in your room for some nice lighting! It comes with multi-colored gravel, two artificial plants, fish food, and water conditioner.

Get it here for $67.99.

3. Hygger horizon 8 gallon LED glass aquarium kit

A five gallon Betta tank should be the bare minimum for your Betta fish. If you want more space for your Betta fish, you could upgrade to an 8 gallon tank. This aquarium has a funky shape! If you're looking for something different, the is the one for your Betta fish. The tank comes with a LED light, power filter pump, and rock decor.

Get it here for $124.00.

4. Aqueon 10 gal LED aquarium kit

The LED pro filter has a red light that flashes when it's time to change the cartridge. No need to set a reminder! The starter kit comes with a 50w preset heater, fish food, fish net, stick on thermometer, and water conditioner. That's a lot of products for only $74.99

5. Hagen HG fluval flex aquarium

This high quality tank also has LED lights and a unique curve shape, and it's 15 gallons! If you think your Betta wants a lot of space, go for this one.

Get it here for $129.99.

6. MarineLand 5 gallon portrait glass LED aquarium kit

I love this one! The vertical shape looks like a space saver. Choose between white and blue LEDs for a shimmering light or moonlight glow.

Get it here for $60.17.

Fish tanks with lightning systems add a nice feel to your room. If your current Betta is in a small fish bowl, or if you plan on getting new fish, consider these tanks that make your floating friends feel at home, while adding a nice LED tone in your room.

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