White Moose Twins
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Snow-White Moose Twins Make Rare Appearance in the Wild

These moose were white as snow.

Nature is filled with many wonders, one of the rarest sights being the chance to see an albino or leucistic animal in the wild. These genetic conditions cause a lack of pigment in the hair and skin of animals, making them appear white as snow. These sorts of conditions are more common in domestic animals like horses, dogs, and cats than they are wild animals. That just makes it more special when someone manages to capture some on camera.

In 2017, a cow and her two twin calves were spotted near a roadway in Norway. This was not unusual, there are more moose in Sweden and Norway than there are in Alaska. What was unusual was the fact that the two twins were both pure white.

The two calves were likely no more than a month old at the time of the filming. The footage gives us a rare glance at this type of genetic disorder in the wild.

This footage went instantly viral In 2017 shortly after it was posted. It's hard to tell if these calves were true albinos or if they were simply leucistic. It also isn't unusual for the mother or father of animals like this to be normal in coloration. There are also documented cases in deer where one fawn is born with one of these genetic conditions while the other is normal.

From what we can tell, this was the only time the cow and her two white twins were ever filmed. We could find no other records of them having been seen again after this.

As much as we hate to put a downer on this story, the odds of the calves surviving were low. There are recorded instances of white moose surviving to adulthood, but most albino or leucistic animals do not live very long because their coloration makes them easier targets for predators.

In any case, we're thankful someone was there with a camera to catch this type of rare sight in the wild and share it with the world!

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