Moose vs Lawnmower
YouTube: DailyPicksandFlicks

Pure White Moose Picks a Fight With Robotic Lawnmower

Well, this is not something you see everyday...

All over the world, animals are increasingly coming into urban areas simply because their natural habitat is always steadily shrinking. Unfortunately, the animals have no choice other than to adapt to survive. This may mean some strange and unwanted encounters with the things people have built to make life easier.

Such is the case with this very strange, but hilarious video of a snow-white moose that has invaded someone's yard. The bull starts snacking on the leaves of a nearby tree only to have his meal interrupted by a fancy robotic lawnmower giving the yard its weekly trim.

The moose decides he does not like this new technology. Not one bit. With bystanders filming, he makes repeated attempts to stomp the mower, and one of those jabs with the hooves eventually connects.

This is one of those weird and wild random videos where if there was no proof of this incident, we would have a hard time believing it. We can fully understand a moose not liking a robotic lawnmower, but the odds of that moose also being white from nose to tail? It seems highly unlikely.

We tried to dig up a little more information on this video and did not come up with much. However, it is worth noting that this moose is likely not a pure albino. The animal likely has leucism. While the condition is similar in that it results in a loss of pigmentation in the animal, it does not cause the pink eyes and noses most often associated with albinism.

Either way, it is not often we see a completely white moose like this. Just seeing it in the wild would be enough to make our day. It seems that last blow by the moose broke the lawnmower. While we feel bad for the owner of that machine, we must admit we got a lot of enjoyment out of watching the moose break it!

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