Escaped Herd of Farm Animals in California Led by Devious Donkey

The donkey was the main culprit. 

That is what the West Covina Police Department stated after capturing an escaped herd of farm animals being led astray down residential California streets by a lone grey donkey.

According to a post on the West Covina Police Department's Facebook page, the department received the call at 12:30 a.m. on January 25 that a herd of animals was wandering around the area of Francisquito and Valinda. When officers arrived on the scene, they found that the herd consisted of several sheep and goats, as well as a donkey leading the way.

At first, the animals "failed to comply" with police orders, and "evaded capture," the post stated. But with some assistance from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the animals were eventually corralled.

As it turned out, the animals had escaped through an unsecured gate at their home in the nearby city of Valinda. The owner was contacted and arrived to help herd the animals back to his residence.

None of the animals were injured during this process, and returned home safely, giving a happy ending to one of the stranger calls the West Covina Police Department has received.

"When a police officer reaches the end of his/her career, most of them will say 'I've seen it all,'" the post read. "Well, let's add one more rare call for service to that list."

What do you think of this devious donkey? Share your thoughts below. 

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