Where Does The Easter Bunny Live? Here's Our Best Guess

Santa Claus has the North Pole, but where does the Easter Bunny live?

The Easter Bunny is a mythical creature who falls just below Santa Claus in the minds and hearts of children. Easter has a long and colorful history, from the pagan goddess Eostre to the resurrection of Jesus Christ to...an egg-laying rabbit? In addition to all of the theories, traditions, and treats involved, we know that Easter is a holiday that celebrates new life, rebirth, and springtime. But one question remains: Where does the Easter Bunny live?

Where Does the Easter Bunny Live?

where does the easter bunny live

One popular theory is that the Easter Bunny lives in Germany, due to the fact that the Easter tradition of an egg-laying rabbit originated in the 1600s in Germany. The Easter Bunny as we know him today is thought to have been brought over to America by German immigrants. Therefore, it is possible that the original Easter Bunny lives in a burrow somewhere in the rolling hills of Germany where he creates all of his colorful eggs.

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Another (slightly sillier) theory is that since Santa Claus occupies the coldest part of the globe and and travels above the ground, the Easter Bunny must occupy the hottest part of the globe and travel below. Therefore, the Easter Bunny maintains his headquarters deep underground near the Earth's core, and uses an elaborate network of bunny warrens to distribute Easter candy and Easter baskets to all the houses and lawns across the globe.

Our Best Guess? Easter Island

where does the easter bunny live

Our best guess for where the Easter Bunny lives is on the Polynesian Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean. Polynesian settlers arrived on the island as early as 300 AD and famously created 900 statues, called Moai, scattered across the remote island. The remote island was isolated from the outside world until it was discovered by Christian Dutch explorers on Easter Sunday in 1772. They named it Paaseiland, or Easter Island.

Easter island is so remote and sparsely inhabited that it is a perfect spot for the Easter Bunny's burrow, especially if he lives in the Rapa Nui National Park, which covers 40% of the island and contains grasslands and beaches with pastel pink sand. Finally, the Maoi are also available to act as Easter Bunny helpers, hidden in plain sight, and ready to help the Easter Bunny create chocolate eggs and fill brightly-colored Easter eggs with candy for Easter egg hunts for Easter mornings across the world.

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