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Frayed D-Loop Results in 80-Pound Knockout Punch to the Face

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What does an 80-pound punch in the face feel like? Just ask Josh Bowmar.

Shooting a bow is fun and relaxing. Well, most of the time it is. I love slinging arrows in the backyard. However, your D-loop giving out will make a relaxing day of shooting a nightmare.

Josh Bowmar was doing a little shooting with his Hoyt bow when he entered a world of pain. Out of nowhere, his bow turned his hand into a flying fist, and he gave himself a right hook right to the face.

If your D-loop is frayed, REPLACE IT.

Watch the video below:

It's hard to watch this video and not wince in pain. Getting hit in the face is terrible, especially when you aren't anticipating it at all. Bowmar's draw weight was set at 80 pounds, so just imagine the force his fist met his face with.

It makes me think I should check my D-loop more often than I already do. I'm sure after experiencing this, it would be a little scary to shoot your bow again.

I bet that's the first time Josh ever punched himself, and hopefully it's the last.

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Frayed D-Loop Results in 80-Pound Knockout Punch to the Face