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When Everything Else Fails, an Ink Pen Saves the Day Spraying Food Plots

Sometimes building food plots can get expensive. That is unless you are quick to use an ink pen when everything falls apart.

The latest mini-vlog series from Top Pin Outdoors is great to watch for anyone looking to build food plots. It is detailed in a way that people can see the steps and total cost to building a food plot. They are adding up every penny from the soil samples to lime and fertilizer. They are also adding in unforeseen costs and sharing the average cost to planting a food plot.

In their second video, they take to spraying the food plots with 41% glyphosate, also known as Round Up. After shopping around for the cheapest weed killer, they settle on a 2.5 gallon brand from Tractor Supply. The day begins as a struggle with a flat tire, water in the fuel, and a sprayer pump that needs a new switch, but it doesn't stop there.

As they begin spraying they break off the hose attachment. Luckily, they MacGyver it using an ink pen and some superglue to get the job done. They share their experience as they spray and end with a total cost to date. See the video of their food plot series and find out just how much building a food plot costs overall.

As you can see, there are some unforeseen costs to building a food plot. The boys from Top Pin Outdoors are keeping a log of every expense. And luckily for us they are finding the cheapest way to get it done, without sacrificing quality. The total cost thus far for the project lands them at $157.50 after the soil samples and herbicides combined. Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel to follow with them as they add up the total and try to capitalize on some whitetails this fall.

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