deer eat food plots a day

Deer Eat How Much?! Keep This in Mind When Planting Your Food Plots

We take a quick look at how much most 150 pound deer eat in just one day. This information can be vital when determining the size of your food plots.

Deer eat. Deer are browsers, and they eat, a lot. But how much is a lot? When it comes to food plots, how do you know what size food plot you should be putting in?

These are all valid questions most of us have and fortunately, there are answers. These answers are backed by tons of field observations and studies through various organizations. One organization in particular, the Mississippi State University deer lab, took not only how much deer eat overall, but broke it down into a video that shows what one days worth of deer food looks like.

Check that video out below.

It's important to understand when deciding on a food plot that deer not only need a lot of food, but that they are browsers. Naturally, they will eat a great deal of whatever you plant, but they won't only feed on your food plot. Food plots are a great supplement and often times can be one of the main sources of food for deer on your property.

Lee Lakosky of The Crush TV always says, the more deer, the more food you need. The main thing behind that idea is that you want to have food available for your deer or they will go elsewhere to find their food. We've also broke down the importance of food plots on your property before as well. If a 150 pound deer is averaging seven to ten pounds of food a day, there needs to be that food source available to them. On top of that, it needs to be a healthy supply to where the deer aren't over populated and harming the habitat by over eating a specific area.

If you don't believe your property can supply enough food, as is, for your deer herd, an alternative may be a great idea. Keep in mind food plots or supplemental feeders if legal in your state. If food is scarce to begin with, adding the struggle of snow and other natural disasters, can hinder a deer obtaining it's daily nutritional requirements.

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