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When Being ‘Adventurous’ Goes Terribly Wrong…

Being adventurous leads to some awesome memories and sights. But sometimes it just leaves you really sore and hurt.

Being a male with a group of friends can put you in some dangerous situations quite often. m can put you in harms way if you aren’t careful.

Just ask this feller.

We are guessing this video began with a few snide comments. Followed by a couple of dares, and then a few extra comments along the lines of “you big sissy!” Which then was just enough to push that ego to the top of the branch… but it wouldn’t stay there long.

That is going to hurt tomorrow!

As if falling from that high isn’t bad enough, how about hitting every branch on the way down?

Sometimes it is better to leave your pride at the bottom and listen to those voices inside your head telling you that this might just be a bad idea.

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When Being ‘Adventurous’ Goes Terribly Wrong…