Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament
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What's it Like to Win the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament?

If you are a fan of sailfish fishing, you'll love this video showcasing what it's like to win the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament.

If you like fishing, then chances are, you would enjoy fishing for sailfish and especially marlin. And, if marlin fishing is your game then the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament is one of the most famous in the world for it. The Big Rock, is a tournament that every fisherman wants to be a part of, and most only dream of winning.

Thanks to Lift Films, we were able to "ride along" with Casey and Cole Wagner and get a firsthand idea of just what it's like to realize you've just won your dream tournament. It is of course a feeling that you'll never know unless you actually get out there and do it yourself, but just from this short video, you can really feel the passion and excitement that the Wanger's have towards the sport they love.

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